A Great Sunday


Sunday is usually one of my favorite days of the week. It’s filled with church time, family time, grocery shopping time, and relaxing time. But lately, Sunday’s have been more empty… I’ve been skipping out on church, have been more isolated, haven’t grocery shopped, and haven’t relaxed as much as I would have liked. Thank goodness today was a complete 180!

7:30 – woke up, ventured downstairs for some freshly brewed coffee. Stretched my sore muscles. Ate a banana & kiwi.

9:10 – finished getting ready, headed out the door for Sunday school.

10:20 – SS dismissed, I drove across town to make it to another church for their 11:00 service

11:10 – made it to the Summit a little late, but in time for some music! Q&A with Tyler Zeller about his career & relationship with God. (((Favorite quote from Tyler: “Basketball isn’t who I am, it’s what I do. Christ is who I am.” That quote may just have converted this Duke girl into a Zeller fan!))) Then a Q&A about the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, and prophesy. The Lord’s Supper. More praise & worship.

12:55 – Church over! Although my first experience at the Summit was a little off-kilter and unusual for a typical Sunday service, it was still fulfilling and made me want to dig deeper into the Word.

1:30 – Brunch at NOSH with Britt & her brother! We played Scrabble, ate way too much (peanut butter & banana stuffed french toast, fresh fruit, scrambled egg tortilla wrap w/ peppers, mushrooms & onions, soy Chai latte) and had lots of fun. Well, I had fun…I don’t know about them 🙂

3:00 – home sweet home to change out of church clothes and into shorts and a tank top. On the agenda? Help Padre work in his little “rock garden” and plant some plants in our front yard plant bed. We saw many a worm, many a lizard, and lots of roly polys! Ick. We lifted many a heavy rock (10-30lbs) and emptied a few bags of fresh soil. After some hard work and sweat, the front yard looks a little better than it did!

5:30 – finally free time to sit and read! I chose to sit on the back deck with the dogs and the new book I started last night. I saw an owl swoop down in the neighbors’ back yard, and I failed to snap a picture of it before it flew off. I did take lots of random pictures of the sun and the leaves and the trees though, so it somewhat makes up for it.

6:30 – inside to make banana nut bread.

7:00 – Time for  60 Minutes! I shamelessly admit that I loooove this show and look forward to it every Sunday evening. Tonight the first story was about the former head of CIA’s Clandestine Service and using various techniques to gain information from terrorists AKA torture. I had very mixed emotions and thoughts about this segment- I mean, I think doing what we can to gain information that could save American lives is important, but torture? No way. It is so brutal and the different techniques are so inhumane. What do you think about it?  The second segment was about addictions and dopamine and Dr. Nora Volkow and her research on it. So interesting! One thing I love about 60 Minutes is all the various stories they tie into one story- Nora’s great grandfather was Leon Trotsky.

7:00-8:30 – I worked out during the commercial breaks and then after the show went off. My plank time tonight? 1 min 46 secs. Whew.

9:02 – I posted this post about my great Sunday. Seriously y’all, it was great. I hope your Sunday was great as well!!! Now, I’m off to pack a lunch and plan an outfit for a busy week ahead!


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