American Tobacco Campus


Friday afternoon, I met Britt downtown for linner (lunch/dinner) at Mellow Mushroom! We joked that we were getting the “4:00 senior discount” hah, we’re getting so old.

I looooove downtown Durham, specifically the American Tobacco Campus. It’s just so classy and full of character and I love it. I don’t get many opportunities to wander around it exploring, so after pizza and a salad, Britt and I did just that- wandered and explored. Oh, and took pictures 😉

I always have so much fun with Britt because we’re both constantly playing around with our cameras taking pictures and comparing them and commenting on one another’s pictures. I guess we’re typical female bloggers 🙂 Regardless, I had a blast (despite my wishy washy headache plaguing me all day) and I must admit that we both took some cute pictures. But, I’ll let you judge that for yourself!

If you ever make it to downtown Durham, visit the American Tobacco Campus! There is so much to see, great places to eat, live music on summer nights, and of course the Durham Bulls!

Shameless plug for my hometown  🙂


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