Workin’ Out


Simple title and something simple to do, right???

Hah, for most of us living a busy non-stop lifestyle, working out is easier said than done. I definitely fit into this category. I wake up at 5:30, work from 7:30-4:00, volunteer 5:30-7:30 (Tues.&Thurs.) and most nights I am home around 8:00 if I’m lucky. Monday nights are usually an exception because that’s my “try new recipe for one” night. And Wednesday’s my schedule is whacked out because I either go to church or run errands or have dinner with friends. Friday is my day off but that never means my to-do list isn’t full! Weekends vary week to week, and sometimes I’m lucky to have some down time.

Anyways, I gave you that long winded paragraph to say simply that I am busy. And by the time I get home from my various activities I hardly ever feel like working out and burning some calories. Because of this, I try to do simple things throughout the day to make me feel like I’m burning calories and making smarter choices.

Step #1: Stairs –> my office is on the 5th floor, our other offices are on the 4th. I’m constantly up and down the stairs multiple times a day. Although it’s a little inconvenient because of the office locations, it’s faster. Anytime I have a choice between stairs or elevator, I choose stairs.  Unless it’s 5 or more flights ;p

Step #2: Filing –> by “filing” I really mean “putting patient papers in their correct charts.” Sounds easy enough, but our chart room consists of three walls with four levels of shelves on each wall- starting a foot off the floor and reaching almost to the ceiling. And the patient charts? Oh, they’re just 3″ binders filled filled filled with papers that weigh anywhere from 3-7lbs. I kid you not. These charts are legit. So when I do the filing every day, I kinda throw a little weight lifting moves in there. A few bicep curls, hammer curls… ya know, typical moves to do in the chart room.

Step #3: Walking –> nothing at UNC is close to our office… the children’s hospital, our clinic, the pharmacy, our Chief’s office… everything is a good ways away. Which is why I’m constantly back and forth and up and down the road multiple times a day. I logged a little bit of my walk yesterday morning from the office to the pharmacy to the clinic to the pharmacy to Starbucks to the clinic to the office. It was ridiculous. And I logged 2.1 miles. Within a mere hour and a half.

Step #4: Carrying –> when my job was at Duke, I was in charge of getting doses and shots for patients. This consisted of pushing a cart down hallways and in and out of elevators to get to the pharmacy. Now that we’re at UNC and everything is much more spread out and I have to cross the street multiple times, I can either push a little cart (that holds only half of what I used to be able to cart) or I can carry bag-fulls of doses. I choose the latter. Although I look like an idiot with a packed backpack and two canvas bags weighing me down, it’s much more efficient than making two trips with the little cart. Today, between my backpack and the two bags, I was carrying at least 50lbs. No joke. Therefore I was concentrating on my posture, my core, my shoulders and back muscles the whole time… and when I finally removed those bags I felt so much lighter. And stronger in a weird way. Carrying trumps carting.

Step #5: Drinking –> I drink and drink and drink water all day long. I go through at least 7 or 8 16.9oz bottles just while I’m at work. When I get home, it’s more water, some juice, or soy milk. But basically, while I’m at work, I only drink water. (Welllll and I drink a coffee every morning at work but that doesn’t count 😉 And I can tell a difference in my body on days when I splurge and buy a soda with lunch, or days when I drink only a bottle or two of water… I have headaches and I just feel weird. Water helps me get through the day and helps my body in so many ways!

Those are little things I do everyday to make me feel somewhat good about my lack of legitimate working out. On the nights when I am not exhausted and have some form of stamina, I do an upper body workout that consists of a thousand pushups, shoulder presses, triceps kickbacks, and sometimes a few pull-ups. I also do a plank a day for as long as I can hold it… major core worker right there. Try not to be intimidated 🙂

In all seriousness though, I need more cardio in my life. And more lower-body workouts. Do you have any favorites? I sadly haven’t been running in over a week despite how much I want to be a runner. It just takes more time and energy than I have at night. Hopefully soon I can nail down a weekly routine/schedule for running! And because I don’t go to a gym that kind of knocks out any opportunities for a treadmill, or any good lower-body equipment. What are some simple things at home I could do?

I love summer because Padre and I will go throw frisbee on our street, or go to a park!
This picture was summer 2010!

Thanks for tuning in for my weekly work out update! 🙂 Next week, I’ll be back doing some yoga talk. Don’t knock it ’til you try it. That’s all I’m going to say 😉


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