Live Music


Something I’ve come to realize lately (Saturday night) is how much I love live music.

Saturday night after the opening act (Jessie Baylin) for The Fray, I tweeted the following:

My favorite type of music is live… where it’s so loud and you’re so close you can feel it in your bones.

I had neither heard of Jessie Baylin before, nor did I know any lyrics to her songs, but there was just something about the atmosphere… the guitarists, percussionist, the singer …that warranted my full attention. There was no way I couldn’t listen and feel the music. And the chemistry between Jessie and her band members was perfect- they were all so into the music that it felt so real and I felt so close.

She sang seven or eight songs and by the end, I almost didn’t want the music to stop. There was just something about it… great artists and musicians sharing the stage and playing/singing their hearts out. I loved every second of it. (and I have already downloaded her most current CD on itunes)

Jessie Baylin & band

When it was time for The Fray to come out, I was super excited but I was unsure of if they would live up to my expectations, or even top their opening act.

Well of course they lived up to my expectations and of course they rocked the house harder than Jessie. But that’s beside the point.

Their music. Their stage presence. Their faces. Their arms and hands and mouths that were such a part of every lyric, song… the entire performance. I was so into it. I can’t really explain it, and I’m sorry if I sound like a total idiotic music nerd, but it was amazing. Everything about it.

My heart was pounding, my hands clapping, my facial expression never leaving that of a huge cheesy little girl smile, my body moving with the music and feeling it. It was an experience. An intimate experience. There I go getting all nerdy again, sorry. But I don’t think words can fully describe such an experience; you simply have to experience it for yourself.

By the end of the concert, I tweeted this:

Ears ringing, back sore from standing for hours, throat dry from singing. Great show @TheFray !!!

And that’s how I felt. I was exhausted but energized at the same time. I went to bed on Cloud Nine, especially after the following happened-

Isaac, me, Joe

Last night, I fell in love with live music all over again. And I am already searching the area for performances, even if it’s just some small local group. Because the reality of it all is that  my favorite type of music is live… where it’s so loud and you’re so close you can feel it in your bones.

Do you love live music? Who are your favorites to see live?

If you know of any groups or musicians coming to the Raleigh/Durham area soon, let me know!!!

(((I’ll post pictures from the actual concert later this week- they all turned out great!)))


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