What Would You Do???


Just wondering what you would do in one of these situations… totally hypothetical… I have certainly not been in these situations in the past two days. I mean… ever. ;-P

What would you do…

…when you and someone else are waiting for an elevator and two elevators show up at the same time. Would you get on the same elevator or different elevators???

…when three male runners (in extremely short shorts, mind you) are running towards you on the sidewalk. They are running three-wide so it’s impossible to avoid them because the sidewalk isn’t very wide. Do you stop walking, stand still, or awkwardly walk in between one of the sweaty runners???

…when you’re making a crazy face behind someone’s back and they turn around and see it. Do you say something, brush it off, act like it didn’t happen, or tweet about it to make yourself feel better???

…when you take a sip of ice cold water from your water bottle while walking down the hall, and it spills down your chin onto your shirt. Of course someone saw it happen. Do you wipe it off and laugh, make a joke about it, or ignore the person???

when your R2-D2 ringtone awkwardly goes off in the elevator???

…when someone doesn’t hold the door open for you and you’re right behind them. Do you wait until it closes and dramaticize opening the door for yourself, or say something like “thanks a lot” under your breath???

…when construction men stare at you as you walk past. Do you smile, say something in Spanish, or try to ignore it???

…when you trip while walking down a big public hallway. Do you laugh at yourself, make a joke about it, play it off, or retreat into the nearest restroom???

…when you’re singing and someone walks by and hears you. Do you stop singing or continue???

…when your IT guy comes to fix your computer and as he leaves say, “see you lady. I mean… later!” Do you laugh or simply say, “bye!”???

…when a coworker walks into the office and sees you hastily typing a blog post that you already had written down, you simply had to type it up quickly and post it because you haven’t blogged in days and desperately want someone to read the silly situations you enocunter daily. Do you explain to them what you are doing, or finish the post and publish it anyways???

Have a great Wednesday!!!


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