I have an Android cell phone and have been perfectly content with it for the almost year I’ve had it.

But when ALLLLL my friends started posting pictures from Instagram all over facebook, twitter, and their blogs, I started to get a little jealous.

You see, I am constantly taking pictures with my phone. I think I have 600-some on there as of now and I’ve had the phone 10 months. Crazy, yes. But you see, my phone can’t do anything really cool with my pictures. It’s simply a regular cell phone camera. So when I began to see special Instagram photos everywhere, I started coveting their iPhones.

Until last Tuesday April 3rd, the glorious day when an Instagram app became available for us Androiders.

I downloaded it and immediately began taking pictures and trying out all the filters and effects. I’m sure some of the newness will wear off soon but for now I am in love with it 😉

And I apologize for the constant tweets with my Instagram photos…


I figured I should share some of my recent Instagrams with y’all. Just in case you are a fellow Instagram lover 🙂

Enzo's Bruschetta pizza!!! YUM

Green tea chai latte & lunchbox on my first day of work at UNC

Carolina cup. I think my hand had some sort of fungus after buying and holding that cup :p kidding, kidding!

April rain shower



Sunshiny & green after the rain!


My first Pelican's snocone of the year! Passionfruit & coconut 😉

Bulls Opening game!
It was soooo cold and drizzly but so fun!


Bulls game on Saturday evening!
Much sunnier and a little warmer for a ballgame 🙂


Doing some reading Easter Sunday morning


Easter Sunday lunch with the family.... at Moe's!!!
Nothing says Easter like Mexican food! hah

Francis Chan

Froyo for dinner!!!
Pomegranate, Coconut, Pineapple + kiwi, cookie dough bites
BEST DINNER! (after a day of painting the bathroom!)


A basket of Easter candy & a lit candle makes studying exponentially better 😉


w/ orange pepper, yellow pepper, corn & carrots. Topped with olive oil and feta cheese


I had been craving it all day and finally got it for dinner!


My super sweet literacy student gave me this purse as a "thank you for helping me" gift. I was blown away by his thoughtfulness. And I'm thankful he's thankful for my help!


Florals & boots
(today's outfit) 04-11-12


Do you have Instagram???


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