Day(s) Without Shoes


Today is the Day Without Shoes. Basically, it’s supposed to raise awareness all over the world about the need for shoes and the importance of their “One for One” exchange.

Day without shoes

TOMS is the organization that started it and that helps provide children with shoes all over the world. I’m sure you or even someone you know has supported TOMS with the purchase of shoes.

But how many of you have actually been the one to give children shoes??? How many of you have seen the shoe-less feet of children in a foreign country??? How many of you have donated old shoes to give???

In my trips to Peru, I have had opportunities to do all of those. And it’s something I am so thankful I had the chance to experience. It’s life-changing. If you don’t believe me, maybe these pictures will prove it to you.

Some Peru schools require uniforms, so most families pay for the uniforms instead of necessities like shoes
(Peru 2009)


Smiles all around
(Peru 2009)

(Peru 2009)

Sometimes the kids do have shoes, but they are too small, or hand-me-downs from siblings
(Peru 2009)

Anxiously waiting in line for new shoes!

Holding onto their new shoes for dear life


another village and new shoes for the children!

The next few pictures are from a family high up on a mountain. We hiked there one evening and by the time we got to them the sun was setting. Regardless of the low light left, these kids (and their grandparents) were so excited that the Gringos had gifts for them!

Precious little girl eager for new shoes


I had hiking boots to get to their remote home, while these kids had holes in their shoes if they were lucky enough to have a pair

Everyone was so thankful for new shoes (and clothes!)

old shoes were discarded immediately

I am so thankful to have shoes to wear everyday. So blessed!

Did you participate in the Day Without Shoes???


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