Ok Days


It has been an emotionally draining few days. And while I wouldn’t necessarily deem them “bad days” they haven’t been “great days” therefore I’ll call them “ok days.


…I started a new job and had to get “oriented” with the UNC area. Crazy in itself. Then, having to deal with a wishy-washy supervisor made it worse and more stressful.

…Realizing that someone who you thought was interested in being friends, really doesn’t want to be. Some people in relationships are dumb and take kindness the wrong way.

…Having doors shut in your face because UNC students wouldn’t hold them open for you, a lady. Yes I am pegging this one specifically on the UNC male population. Rudeness was exhibited multiple times yesterday and I didn’t/don’t appreciate it one bit. I’m calling security. (Bon Qui Qui reference; I won’t really call security)

…Being in the middle of a fire drill at work and not knowing the most efficient escape route since it’s your first day on the job. Embarrassing but true.

…Being worried about an aunt undergoing a double mastectomy (a 6 1/2 hour surgery) and then being so sad when you see just how much pain she is in.

…Paying $4 a day to ride the bus that takes you a whopping 8 miles down the road. Wasteful but it’s what I have to do.

…Finding out that a friend was arrested for doing something stupid and rash, and then finding out there were more consequences he had to face because of his actions. I hope he learned a valuable lesson and I hope he changes. His actions definitely were not Christ-like, and I hope he realized how dumb they were. T, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry you did what you did but I hope you learned. You know you are a role model to so many kids at church and in the Duke community, so next time think before you act. I love you, friend.

…Second day on the new job was worse than the first…. timecard was messed up, supervisor was too busy to supervise and assign work, schedule was thrown amiss, and coworkers were acting ridiculous. I left work with a huge headache and tears in my eyes.

…Getting stuck in traffic when you aren’t even sure how to get where you are going. Yes I have lived in Durham all my life and traffic downtown near the Bulls ballpark always confuses me.

…Sitting outside in the cold rain to watch a Durham Bulls baseball game – it’s a love//hate relationship. I loved watching the game, watching people, and chatting, but hated the cold rainy weather and awkward stares from ex-high school classmates.

…Missing an opportunity to talk to someone. Someone you’ve been wanting to talk to for oh so long. No matter how much I’ve outgrown my childish ways, I will always be shy.

…Getting stressed out knowing that you have to be somewhere at 8 in the morning and then have a Spanish lesson to teach at 12, then having errands to run. My Friday is going to be ridiculously busy.



I’m sorry for the very complaining nature of this post but sometimes I just need to vent. And writing helps me do that.

The past few days have been very stressful and emotionally draining and I really just need to relax. I promise there were great parts to each day, but sometimes the bad outweighs the good, and sometimes I dwell too much on it. So please forgive me for this down-hearted post. I promise tomorrow I will be more upbeat!


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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt! I hope the surgery was successful and she has a quick recovery.

    I’ve experienced the rainy weather game day. Ick! At least, mine was! Panthers game and it was pouring!!

    You’ll only be shy for as long as you let yourself be shy. I say that from experience, and out of love! One day something will hit you and you won’t let any opportunity pass you by! You’ll become like me and B and say whatever silly/random/crazy thing comes to mind!

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