Disney’s Hollywood Studios


On our third day in Disney, we ventured to Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM Studios.

I remember this park used to be one of my favorites (yes I know there are only 4 parks and you can only have one favorite) because of the more adult rides (Rock N Roll roller coaster & the Tower of Terror) and lots of shows. Sadly, on this trip to Disney, we didn’t have time to see all (or any) of the shows because we were plain worn out after going nonstop for days.

I feel like we got more of the experience of Hollywood though- we sat on the street and watched the comedian street performers as they did their little shows every hour or so. They were HILARIOUS. And so much fun to watch.

When we walked to a different area of the park, we stopped and watched a band sing a few songs. Again, this was something we had never really experienced before because on previous trips we were either in line for a ride or at a show or in a restaurant so we missed the little things like street performers and musicians.

We did hit up the BIG ride in the park- the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. It was all the rage so we had to snag fast passes in order to ride. It’s basically a shooting game… you aim at plates, ducks, balloons, etc. Usually I am bad at those games but I am proud to say that I beat bro 😉

Without further adieu, here are my few pictures from Disney’s Hollywood Studios:


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  1. I agree…the street performers and other mini-shows are what truly make the Disney experience great! I love how much attention to detail that Disney puts into every single aspect of their park. Also, Toy Story Mania is one of my favorite rides too!

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