Spring Cleaning – Car


This morning, Spring cleaning took on a whole new meaning.

I was outside, covered in pollen, and attempting to clean my car without letting too much pollen get back on/in it.

Much easier said than done.

I’m one of those people who likes lists. I make grocery lists, to-do lists, lists to determine which stores to hit up while running errands, lists to determine my budget. Plain & simple, I like lists. So when it came to cleaning my car this morning, it was the same… I wanted a list… an order of which to do things.

But where do you start on a spring morning when pollen is covering everything and all in the wind???

Here is the order in which I cleaned my car:

1. Rinsed my car off with the hose. I realize that wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but I had to get rid of SOME pollen at least!

2. Opened the doors and picked up all the trash.

3. Pulled the rugs out and shook them out.

4. Vacuumed everything and it’s mother.

5. Washed the windows inside and out.

6. Used Armor-All wipes on alllll the interior.

7. Rain-exed my windshield. I LOVE this product- great for spring & summer rains!

8. Cleaned out my console and organized all 20 billion napkins I have in my car.

9. Put the rugs back in.

10. Shut the doors & voila!

= Clean car. (minus the exterior)

*Side note:: I am kind of embarrassed about the amount of hair, pennies & paper clips I found on my floor.*

In what order would you have cleaned your car??? I’m sure there was a more efficient//effective way but seeing as I was trying to finish as quickly as possible so as not to melt in the 10:00 sunshine, that was my order.

My official Spring cleaning has started off on a good foot. Next up, I plan to accomplish painting the bathroom that my brother and I share. And again, much easier said than done. I already have a list of the order in which to do things in the bathroom 😉

Do you have any BIG Spring cleaning you want to accomplish???

My car after one year with me!
Nov. 2010


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