Last Day at Duke


Today is my last day of work at Duke. To say I am excited is far from the truth. To say I am sad is somewhat closer.

I have had this job since April 2007, and volunteered here for two summers before that. This hospital means more to me than I can say. I have met many people who have helped shape me as a person. I have met many people who are world-renowned for their work. I have met many people who have inspired me to follow my dreams.  I have grown as a person by having this job.

When I first started here in 2007, I was a high school junior. Being the highly romantic person that I am was, I thought that working at Duke meant I was going to magically fall in love with a doctor, nurse, or scientist. I thought it meant I would make tons of genius friends and go out to eat in fancy sushi restaurants on weekends. I thought it meant my social life would grow drastically. I thought it meant I would end up deciding to be a nurse or something in the health field… something prestigious that my coworkers would be proud of.

Instead of all these grand schemes coming true, I have never met anyone here at Duke or been asked out by any of the handsome fellas I see daily in my own building. I have never hung out with other Duke workers on weekends, and only hung out with coworkers outside of the office for work parties (Christmas, summer, retirements, etc.)  My social life remains the same after five years. And I have yet to pursue any kind of job in the health field.

Once I started college, my division was kind enough to let me stay on with them and come home and work weekends. Summers were spent working as well. And, when I graduated in December, I was one of the few graduates who had a job to go home to. Now that our division is moving to UNC, they want me to tag along. We all start work at UNC next week. So this job has meant a lot to me throughout the years.

There are so many emotions and thoughts running through me today that I don’t even know where to begin or end this post. The past few days I have been overly observant of everything around me…noticing things I had never paid attention to… it was as if I had spider senses that were kicked into high gear.  And like the dork I am, I wrote those things down, hoping that somehow by putting it down in writing would slow the process of change. Duke changes daily and I know if I ever make it back here it will be different than it is now. Familiar faces will be changed or gone, offices will have moved, hallways I am familiar with will be switched around…. Everything will be different.

So much of my life in the past five years has been spent here at Duke, and now it’s over. I almost feel as if I’m ending a relationship with someone. But it’s time to move on… to something bigger and hopefully better. And who knows? Maybe my expectations this time will fall into place.

I am neither afraid of change, nor do I relish in it. 

Today is my last day of work at Duke. To say I am excited is far from the truth. To say I am sad is somewhat closer.


Mushroom, spinach, onion omelet & vanilla chai latte... breakfast on my last day at Duke


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