You should know…


There are some things you should know…

I don’t change my contact solution everyday.

I floss daily just like my dentist recommends.

My dad can make noises like Chewbacca.

I was an extra in a 70s film a few days ago.

I have about 4 different tubes of toothpaste open at a time.

In Peru last summer I went inside a cave with my headlamp on. The lightbulb went out after a few minutes and I couldn’t explore it anymore. I was crushed.

I am currently re-reading the Hunger Games in preparation for the movie this weekend.

My job at Duke is being terminated on Friday.

I paint my nails a different color every week.

Wait wait wait… my job at Duke is being terminated on Friday?!?!?!?

Yes, you read that right. It is indeed being terminated. See, long story short, our division is following our head honcho doctor over to UNC’s Children’s Hospital. Half of the division moved in December and the other half is moving on Monday, March 26th. And I haven’t been offered a job yet.

Yes, I’ve talked with my supervisor about it but she really has no control over the situation as she is as new to the UNC system as I am, and personally I think she wants me to go back to school and get my Master’s. Or become a nurse.  Therefore I am out of luck.

If I could volunteer at a shelter 24/7, visit patients in the hospital to try to cheer them up anytime, and teach ESL and literacy lessons all week, I totally would. But that’s a volunteer thing, and I really need an income!!!

In my haste to figure out what to do until I discover what I really want to do with my life, here are some “jobs” I’ve decided that I would like:


lifeguard –> I’d get to swim daily and possibly give swim lessons. I am a little fish and love the water. Plus it would help keep me in shape! (gotta be somewhat selfish here)

writer –> for the paper, a magazine, anything… writing is a career I would love to dip my feet into.

nanny –> I love kids and I would love being crafty, watching Disney movies, reading little kid books, and playing outside all day. Plus it would give me practice for down the road with kids of my own!

substitute teacher –> Remember those days in elementary/middle/high school when your real teacher was sick so you had a sub? I remember those days! I loved them! (unless it was this old scary lady who was so mean and strict!) And I feel like being a substitute (preferably in a Spanish class) would help me to figure out if I would enjoy teaching long-term.

retail worker at the LOFT –> this past January I was introduced to the LOFT outlet store a few exits up the highway and I fell in love with the clothes there. My mom worked retail back in high school and says that it’s a job everyone should work at least once in their life. I’ve never worked retail so it would be a stretch for me but at least if it was at the LOFT I could dress cute all the time!!! (and get discounts 😉

retail worker at Columbia –> another store I love because it appeals to the travel/adventurous side of me. Plus I could get first choice at the hottest new clothes and rack up on them for my future world travels! 🙂  win-win situation!

Spanish tutor –> I’m pretty sure lots of high school students in the area are struggling to make it out of Spanish II with a passing grade… and I could do that. I was a Spanish tutor back in college for three years and loved it. Helping people + Spanish = my passion.

librarian –> I’m a quick learner and the Dewey Decimal system doesn’t intimidate me. 😉 Although some of the sketchy patrons of the Durham libraries might… I think it would be fun and I could read all the time!

worker at the Museum of Life & Science –> I am a huge nerd and I used to love the museum as a child. I could give classes from schools tours around and get to learn more myself. The question is are they even hiring??

extra in films –> After experiencing what it’s like on a movie set last week, I think it would be so fun to extra in a bunch of movies… you get paid after all, and you have hair & makeup & wardrobe done for free. Who doesn’t like acting like a movie star? And if I had a single spoken line in a movie, I would make more money than I make in a month! I could re-live my high school drama class/team days and get my name out there. Just saying. It would be cool.

a local restuarant taste-tester –> totally going out on a limb here and saying that this would be an amazing job. I would get to eat all sorts of yummy/new foods and then I could write about them and publish it in the paper or a blog or something. Random job? Yes, but how cool? Is there such thing???


Basically, my life is taking a drastic turn in the next few days as I am clueless as to what the next step will be. I’ve been brainstorming some and so far I’ve come up with nothing solid. Even if I just have something part time that pays well, I’d take it!

What are some odd/random little jobs you’ve worked??? Are you currently working at your dream job??? What steps did you take to get there???


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