In exactly three months, my dear friend and former college roommate will marry the love of her life.


And I will be there.


Not sitting in the audience, witnessing them say their vows. No. I will be standing at her side as her Maid of Honor!



Brittany and me, December 2012

To say I am excited is an understatement. I am super excited. And oh so honored.

Brittany and I met at freshman orientation back in August of 2008. We became instant friends and bonded over our love of Duke basketball. We also discovered that we both owned lime green Crocs and wore them without shame around campus.


Over the years of college we became better friends. She taught me fashion and I helped her with Spanish. Brittany taught me so much about being a good friend and roommate. (sorry if I was a little messy sometimes, Brittany!) 


When Brittany and Daniel got engaged back in October, I was ecstatic! I knew it would happen eventually and I am happy that it happened while I was still in school with them and was able to celebrate. Brittany would show off her amazing ring all over campus and girls would be so jealous. Myself included. Daniel did SUCH a great job picking it out! They were the hottest couple for weeks… until another couple got engaged. I’m tellin’ ya, diamond rings were popping out like popcorn at the movie theater. It seemed like everyone on campus except me was engaged.


Anyways, sappiness aside, I was and am so thrilled about Brittany and Daniel getting hitched this summer. And now that I am officially a part of Brittany’s big day, my heart is so so happy!


I’m going to harp on Brittany’s creativity for a little bit and show off the package that she sent me:

Personalized box? CUTE!



My initials on the outside of the sweetest letter. I laughed & cried! She is too sweet!


the colors of their wedding! My dress will be navy 🙂

More info about my dress & stay in SC for the wedding!


I am so honored that Brittany asked me to be her Maid of Honor. Now I just need to figure out what all that entails!!! Lingerie shower? Kitchen shower? Girl’s day at the spa?  Suggestions anyone?????


Have you ever felt honored to be a part of someone’s big day, or a special event?


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