This week I’ve had so many new opportunities, met new people, and learned to be thankful for the little things as well as the big things.

-A middle aged father of three who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. I walked with him from our clinic to the parking garage and although we walked at a snail’s pace, every step I took, I prayed that I could somehow be a blessing to him. As we parted ways he said, “thank you so much. I don’t think anyone else would have offered to walk with us or would have walked as slow as we did. Know that you are appreciated.”  I walked away with tears in my eyes, a smile in my heart, and more thankful than ever to be able to walk without pain.

-My friend in the hospital with Leukemia is so precious. We have been texting this week as she’s back for more treatment, and we’ve been planning little trips around the hospital to see the helicopters, grab a milkshake, and see the new Duke Cancer Center. Also, she’s beating me like crazy at Words with Friends so at least she’s got some bragging rights in our friendship ;p Getting to know her and her story more makes me all the more thankful for my health and the health of my family.

-A coworker was struggling to get all his work done Monday before he had to leave work so I lent a hand (two actually) and helped him. Although he’s not the most efficient worker, we worked for a few hours to get his work finished and ready for Tuesday. He thanked me over and over and I realized that no matter what my views of someone are, I always need to lend a helping hand (or two). I’m thankful for coworkers who help each other out when in need.

-I volunteer at the Literacy Center, and every week when I meet with my student I am so humbled. He has gone all 52 years of his life without the gift of literacy. As I teach him and follow my in-depth lesson plans, I am constantly blown away by how humbled he is because of his deficiency (so to speak) and it humbles me. I truly hope I can successfully teach him to read and write! I’m oh so thankful for the gift of literacy.

-As I pushed my full cart around Kroger on Sunday, I took the time to really notice the people around me. The people finding the on sale items… the people telling their kids they couldn’t afford to buy that cereal or those chips. .. the people pulling out every last dollar in their pocket to pay the amount due. And it really broke my heart. My cart was full of fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, pasta, and I didn’t have a worry in my mind as to how I would pay for my groceries, or whether or not I could afford the pack of muffin mix I threw into my cart. Wow. People in my country, my state, my town, who remind me of the precious Peruvians I’ve seen… people who can’t afford to feed their families and rely on the goodness of locals to do so. Double wow. I’m so so thankful for groceries and money to buy them.

-I am not one to get road rage (unless you run a red light) and the other afternoon I was so tempted to honk at the car in front of me that was going maybe 10mph in a 45mph zone. I passed them and as I drove away and looked in my rear view, I saw the car slow down even more and come to a stop on the side of the road. My only guess is that they ran out of gas… and in my haste to make it to Bible study (go figure!) on time, I got frustrated and rushed on by. Talk about counting my blessings that I have a tank full of gas and a reliable car of my own.

What are some little (or big) things you are thankful for this week???

The Little Things


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  1. wow, Meredith. This was really good. I’m working in a school right now that is very low income, and my eyes are being opened to a lot that I haven’t dealt with before. My heart goes out for these kids who are hungry, abused, or homeless. There’s so much that goes on that most days just goes unnoticed.

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