I think it’s about time I share some Disney pictures, don’t you think?! (I keep going through my iPhoto looking at them because I miss vacation so much already!!!)


Tuesday, March 6th, we spent the entire day at Disney’s Epcot. Despite the fact that I am already a huge dork, I’ll let you in on another dorky fact about me- Epcot is my FAVORITE park. Always has been and probably always will be. I don’t know if it’s because it appeals to the traveler in me, or because of the layout, or even because of the fact that Epcot is so educational! Judge away if you must, but maybe once you see some pictures you will agree with me: Epcot is the best.


We arrived at 7:30 (park opened at 8) and left at 6:00. Talk about a FULL day traveling! 🙂


You’ll see pictures from our trips to England, France, Morocco, China, Japan, Mexico & Norway. And you’ll get to see my current favorite family picture! Enjoy!







Now wouldn’t you agree with me??? Epcot is the best!


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