Back to the Real World


Hi everyone! I’m back from vacation! Let me just say that a week away from the real world was exactly what I needed. A week  without worrying about a job, working, cooking, laundry, etc hit the spot.

I spent the wonderful week in Orlando with my parents and brother… and boy do I have lots of things to blog about! Starting with the first hotel we stayed at, then an adventure at a Florida State Park, then our 4 days spent at Disney World! So be prepared for pictures galore… because between my mom and me, we took over 1,000! (not including the dozens I took on my phone!) Let’s just say that the week was well-documented and full of adventures.

Without getting too ahead of myself, I will simply dedicate this post to a few random pictures from our time in Florida. I feel like they sum up the trip… since you don’t want to see all 1,000 of the pictures 😉

I’m already going through vacation withdrawals (because not only am I sick and wonky feeling, but I am dreading being at work tomorrow morning at 6:30… and I still have grocery shopping to do tonight) 


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