Ten Reasons I’m Excited about DISNEY WORLD

10. It’s Disney. What’s not to be excited about?!

Ok so #10 was a fluke. I’ll get more serious in the following ones. Promise.

9. I can ride an out-of-control elevator that makes my hair go crazy and my mom scream. And there will be a picture after the ride to prove it!

8. I can climb in an awesome treehouse that housed one of my favorite shipwrecked families!
AKA Swiss Family Robinson!

7. I can (and will) take dozens hundreds of typical Disney vacation pictures. AKA pictures with the characters, of the rides, of random scenes in Disney World. I will be that crazy picture taker.

6. I get to ride the Yeti ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom and act scared out of my mind. (I’ve never ridden it so maybe I will be scared for real) Also, I get to ride the Dinosaur ride which seriously scares me. 

5. I can burst out in random Disney songs without getting strange looks. And trust me, this will happen a lot. 

[[[I am completely unashamed to admit that I have the Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, Mulan, The Lion King, and some Pocahontas songs on my itunes. UNASHAMED!]]]

4. I can get hugs from giant rodents virtually at anytime. Because y’all know Mr. Mickey gets around!!!

3. I get to travel the world (well, a few select countries) without leaving the States!

2. I get to meet Prince Charming and maybe even the dashing Flynn Ryder! 😉

1.  I can act my shoe size (7.5) and not my age! (21)

total dork. I know. 

Dork or not, I am SOOOO EXCITED about DISNEY WORLD!!! 

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