I’m not going to post one of those, “I can’t believe it’s MARCH!” posts like I’ve been seeing all day, because personally, it reminds me too much of this video by a British comedian. Please watch it.



Yes, you’re going to have to click on the link because I am too tired to figure out how to embed a video right now. It’s late, I need caffeine because we have a 10hr drive ahead of us. Yikes.


But, I will say that March 1 is bringing something exciting with it- my family and I are heading out tonight! (yes, in mere minutes) to drive to ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!! Can I hear an, “ohhh yeah!”??? 


I am so excited it’s crazy. But I’ve been a wreck all day trying to pack and clean before we leave. 


Let’s just say, I am ready for vacation. And sunshine. And warm weather. And shorts. And tank tops. And flip flops. And laying out by a pool.


Yes. All of the above. 


So, happy March y’all. Make the most of the month!


(makes it sound like I’m doing a “goodbye” post, huh?! haha. Well, it is a short goodbye unless I find it imperative that I blog while on vacation. We’ll see. Blogging is pretty addicting 😉


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