I sure do like keeping my titles short and to the point, no?

Well this one is self-explanatory.

No, I don’t have anything too exciting to share other than the fact that I am exhausted. Simply, exhausted.

It has been such a busy week, I’ve been going & going nonstop, and it has all caught up to me (finally).

Since I start my days off at about 5:30 and end them around 11:00, lack of sleep, and overall exhaustion has set in big time today.

Monday = work, Bible study… not home until 9:00.

Tuesday = work, volunteering, grocery store… not home until 8:30

Wednesday = work, language partner meet-up, errands… not home until 8:00

Thursday = work, volunteering, grocery store… not home until 8:15

       …and then each night I’ve needed to respond to emails, plan lessons, and check facebook :p Very time consuming activities!

This whole busy schedule has really taken a toll on me. My eating has been off this week (something that NEVER happens), I’ve been tired mid-morning, and even my workouts were lackluster. My poor feet are tired from all the miles I’ve walked (literally) at work. My eyes are tired from being open for 17+ hours a day. My face is sore from smiling (yes, it’s possible). And my fingers are sore from texting/typing all week.

Tonight after volunteering, I went to Whole Foods (another post for another day) and on my way home, I knew I was too tired to cook anything for dinner, so I broke down and stopped at Cook Out. There’s just something comforting about their fries with spicy seasoning that I can’t explain. I hardly eat fast food anymore… I’m just weird like that… but even after eating  the dozen fries that constitute a “small fry” (and enjoying every bite) I’m still hungry and unsatisfied. I want veggies. But, because of my exhaustion, I am already in my pajamas in my bed taking advantage of Netflix. Ok, that sounded sketchy, but basically I’m being lazy. And it feels great. I plan on falling asleep very soon and I’m not ashamed of that one bit.

There used to be days when I was embarrassed to say that my bedtime was before 10pm, but now… nah… I don’t care.

I’m exhausted.

It has been one crazy day/week.

Every morning this week I’ve dreaded my array of alarm clocks going off. And tomorrow??? I don’t have one 🙂

Are you exhausted??? 


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