Saturday was one of those days where I just wanted to be out driving. So, when my family left the house to go watch more homeschool basketball, I decided it was the prime time for a drive.

One thing I miss about school is all the driving I constantly did. The drive to school was 4 hours. The drive home was 4 hours. Drive to Walmart, 20 minutes. Drive to get cheapest gas, 15 minutes. Drive to married friend K’s house, 22 minutes. Drive to Panera/Moe’s/Target, 27 minutes. Drive to get froyo/Japanese/Chickfila, 29 minutes. Drive to the nearest rock formation with graffiti, 37 minutes. Yes I like to time things…don’t judge. 

I miss all the driving I did!!!!! (although I don’t miss all the gas money I had to spend!)

Anyways, back to Durham. There aren’t a ton of places to drive to. Sure, there’s the fast food places up the road, there are stores a few miles away that I frequent, work is a jump skip and hop away from home, and the mall is about a 20 minute drive. I never need to do much driving to get where I want to go.

Sorry for the drawn-out intro to my actual post: Craftsy

Saturday as I ventured out for a drive, destination unknown, my little car pulled into the Moe’s parking lot. Billy Barou Nachos??? I think yes. Piled high with all sorts of unhealthy food? Sí señor.

After ensuring that my nachos were out of arms length so as not to distract my driving, I pulled out of the parking lot… and somehow managed to pull into the AC Moore’s parking lot! 🙂

I think it’s safe to say that any girl loves a craft store.

I walked the aisles, checking out bargains, and picking up so much that I could barely keep my purse on my shoulder and my items from falling out of my arms, I went to the cash register and paid the whopping $15 for 7 white canvasses, some sun catchers, a few acrylic paints, a word search book, and gift bags (3 for $1!–Remember I’m a sucker for paper goods of any sort!!!)

Once in my car, I decided that although my wallet needed a break for the night, my car didn’t. Instead of heading towards home, I headed an opposite direction and took the long way home. Music up loud and window cracked, of course. I love driving and watching people as I drive and watching people watch me while I drive. It’s very funny, actually.

Now, I’m sure EVERYONE has seen a picture or two or three floating around the internet world of the infamous “melting crayon canvas.” Oh, you haven’t? Well what rock have you been living under the past 6 months?

Kidding, of course. But, this is a craft I’ve been wanting to try. I set up a playlist on my iTunes (that consisted of 4 songs I’ve recently fallen in extreme love with) and spread old Duke newspapers on the bathroom floor. From there, I got to unwrapping the 48 crayons purchased for $1 a year or so ago. Keep that in mind as you see the following pictures… these crayons were cheaply made and therefore resulted in some melted messiness. I am pleased with how it turned out (after 35 minutes straight of melting the crayons with my hair dryer) and it’s already hanging up in my room.

Random array of crayons

The array was random but I really like the navy, coral, gray, teal, white, pink in order 🙂

slowly undergoing the melting process...

My messy creation

What crafts have you done lately???


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