Homeschool Dance Off


I spent my Friday night with a bunch of homeschoolers  and my parents.

You should be jealous.

In all honesty though, I am not complaining about my Friday night.

Sure… it was boring at times. Sure… my rear end is sore from sitting on gym bleachers for hours. Sure… I just ate dinner an hour ago (9:30) because we watched basketball until 8:45. Sure… I got to listen to some great music because I drove my car to and from. Sure… we had to drive my car 45 minutes to the gym, therefore burning gas that I just filled it up with today. Sure… middle school girls and guys can be very obnoxious. And hilarious. 

And I am sure that the homeschoolers from tonight are an entirely different breed of humans. I mean that in the nicest way possible of course, because I was a homeschooler. Never would have guessed, would ya? But yes, I joined the ranks of the finest homeschoolers in the area for my junior year of high school. One year, yes. I honestly wish I had been homeschooled longer but alas, it was not in the cards for me.

I know there’s the stereotypical view on homeschoolers. I won’t even describe them because I’m sure you can picture them looking something like this:

the Duggars

But the homeschoolers tonight didn’t exactly fit that stereotype. They were just special. And after spending hours in a gym with them I can say that on good authority.

From the littlest ones to the oldest ones, the word “HOMESCHOOLED” was written all over! Like I said before, in the nicest way possible. They are really well-behaved children… for the most part.

During halftime however, a whole other side came out.

From a safe distance I witnessed a “dance off” between two middle school boys. One being of a darker skin color than the other pasty pale boy.

Dark skinned boy had some moves. Clearly he inherited some Michael Jackson genes. But Casper? Yeah, he failed the dance off. Failed as in had no moves. No skills. And he laughed at himself because he realized he couldn’t compete with MJ. Some dub-stepping was attempted though and almost was a success. Until he tripped. And then when Casper pulled his warmup jersey off he did receive a roaring applause from the other middle school boys watching the whole shebang.

As embarrassed as I felt for Casper, I really just couldn’t help but crack up laughing myself.

It was hilarious. And they were clueless that a pretty single young woman was watching them make fools of themselves. Yes, that was me watching. I was so tempted to snap a few pictures discreetly with my phone but I refrained from creeper-status therefore I have no evidence to show you that I did witness a homeschool dance off.

Such things do exist and after tonight I can probably predict the winner of the next homeschool dance off. So if there ever is an official homeschool dance off, feel free to invite me as a guest judge. I won’t be the Simon or the Paula, or even the Randy. But I will choose the best dancer.

Props to you, MJ, for winning the homeschool dance off tonight. Your prize? A day off from schoolwork. And a prize from the treasure jar.

Because all homeschool families have one of those.

Remember? I would know 😉

Nerd 101


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