Small Group


So tonight was my first night in a small group! I haven’t been in a small group Bible study (minus Sunday School) since middle school… and even then this is going to be different, I just know it.

I would tell you everything we did, talked about, and ate BUT one of the rules of the group is that “what happens in small group stays in small group.” Whether that means not sharing another’s struggles, agreeing to pray for something specific for someone, or anything else, we are a “family” of sorts and we keep each other’s secrets. Well, that’s the whole idea at least.

To me, small group is going to mean more than an extra time of Bible study each week; I’m looking forward to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ whom I wouldn’t normally get to know outside of church. I’m looking for a close-knit group that bonds over Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. I’m looking for friendship and a welcoming environment.

And I’m hoping that our small group will turn out to be just like that.

It’s open to anyone and I can’t wait to see how it grows and how the dimensions of the group may change over the course of the study. I’m attempting to get more friends involved so hopefully they can come! 🙂

I have so many friends who have been a part of a small group and they have loved every second of it. I’ve always wanted to have a group to call family like that, but the opportunity never arose. God definitely has everything in His perfect timing. I’m really excited to see how this group is going to stretch and change me as an individual, and how I can impact the group!

Are you part of a small group with your church, school, or job??? If so, what do you love most about it?


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