Momma surprised me with a belated or early Valentine’s day present. Belated because she never gave it to me last year, and early because obviously V-day isn’t until next week.

Keeping that in mind, I want to do something special for myself. Yes, I am planning a week ahead. My planner appreciates it!

Read: Next Tuesday night I will be curled up in sweats with some coffee or chocolate milk watching Casablanca. It’s my tradition since 2007. The watching Casablanca part, not the drinking coffee or chocolate milk part. And this year I may include some dark chocolate and cupcakes just because I can! 🙂 Nerd, I know!

Anyways…. meet Blushed. A cute pink and red hearted giraffe.

As if I wasn’t a big enough nerd already, Blushed will probably sleep on my bed with me tonight. Be jealous, fellow stuffed animal lovers!

Do your parents/friends/significant others ever surprise you with a silly Valentine’s gift???


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