Saturday Randoms


I’ve been sitting in the living room on my little love seat watching the local news for the past hour. I’ve also been catching up on blogs and occasionally tweeting. It has been a lazy afternoon for me and I love it. Especially since this week has been so busy!!!


Random thoughts:

~ I like having bloggy friends. Although I don’t know them in real life, I feel like a lot of them know me, and I know them. I love getting peeks into their exciting, studious, or adventurous lives. And reading blogs inspires me to make mine more personal and fun! I may need some help with that…hah


~ My shoulders/neck gets really sore when I sit still with my laptop for over an hour. It happens at work too when I use the computer at my desk all day. And when I try to stretch it out it doesn’t really help! Any other remedies?


~ Cleaning my room has made me realize I need to get my own place soon. I have great kitchenware, random cute decorations, too many clothes for my drawers/closet (sad, I know!), and I like my independence. Not having parents telling me where my stuff needs to go and getting frustrated when I cook something and don’t clean up afterwards. Little things like that get me mad. I like to do things in my own timing, and when I am not haggled to do something, I tend to get it done a lot faster. And also, having to play musical cars every morning before work is a pain. We have 3 cars and are constantly having to move cars in the driveway in order for one of us to pull our car out. Anyways…
~Speaking of cars, bro and his girlfriend were in a wreck just an hour ago. She hydroplaned and luckily didn’t hit another car, but ran off the road. It happened right up the road from church so it’s a good thing they were close and people could come to help. As I tweeted, I am not a huge fan of his girlfriend (mainly because they’re only 17) but I am thankful they are both ok!!! Bro wasn’t hurt at all, but she got a little cut on her hand from glass.





~ I spent my Friday with my friend Britt, and since we’re both bloggers, it was kind of funny but awesome that we were both constantly pulling out our camera to take pictures of our food or the sites or each other. #bloggerlove  I could probably write three or four blog posts about our adventures yesterday so I promise I’ll do at least one this week!!! 🙂

~ Friends from church are in Peru right now. I am jealous but thankful that they got the opportunity to go back. I’m praying for them, their safety, and that I get a chance to go back soon!!!


~ I think this video is HILARIOUS. I almost have it memorized and will definitely be quoting it for a while 🙂


And now that I’ve seen the same news stories over and over, I think it’s time to get up from my little nook on the couch and go clean more before I leave to babysit. That’s what I have in store for my Saturday night…. what do you have planned????


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