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Spinach Pancakes


From the title, I’m sure you’re thinking, “GROSS. What in the heck?! SPINACH + PANCAKES?! Who in their right mind would do that?!”  haha, well this girl did. Because this food blogger did first. And the recipe so appealed to me that I made these pancakes. YUM.

I tricked you though- the pancakes aren’t just made with spinach. There’s a banana or two thrown in there. And trust me, it masks the taste of the spinach. Even my brother and his friend approved. Trust me… these pancakes are delicious! And they’re healthy! WIN WIN!

This post is going to be short and sweet and leave you wanting to go make these pancakes right away. So without further adieu (I like saying that), here’s the recipe I used when making spinach pancakes for the first time.

a handful of baby spinach
1 – 1 1/2 bananas
3 eggs
1 cup whole wheat flour
coconut oil
In a blender, blend the eggs and spinach together. Then, add the banana. 
Once everything is well blended, pour it into a bowl. Add the flour. 
Stir until it’s thickened up.
Warm up your skillet and add a spoonful or so of the coconut oil.
Start dolloping your batter onto the skillet!
It took my pancakes about 5 mins, flipping them over halfway. My skillet was turned to 350 degrees F.
They turned out delicious and there was even batter for me to use a second day! I ended up adding some chocolate chips to a few pancakes, and sunflower seeds to a few others to change it up. The extra sweetness of chocolate was a great addition, and the seeds complimented the banana/spinach flavor perfectly!
If you are health food lover, spinach lover, banana lover, or want to try something new- TRY THIS RECIPE!
You won’t regret it!
And if you do, just bring me your pancakes! 😉



This has been one great weekend. It wasn’t spent doing anything adventurous or exciting, but it was one great weekend.


I tried new things. Recipes, that is.


And of course, because I was cooking for one, I had to somewhat modify each recipe I tried. I will post the four new recipes I tried at various intervals this week- so be on the lookout if you like healthy food/trying new things! 🙂


Lately, we’ve had an abundance of fresh vegetables in the fridge, something I am very thankful for. Because that means that I can randomly saute them and add them to pasta, rice, or eat them plain! And lately I’ve loved adding Brocco sprouts to my veggie mixes… adds an extra texture and crunch to any dish!


broccoli, mushrooms, onion, red pepper, yellow pepper, cauliflower

Now you can’t tell me that doesn’t make your mouth water!!! YUM!

That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to this weekend- cooking, baking, cleaning, blogging, and doing laundry… I’d say it’s been a very productive weekend! 😉

Also, I got to see a few friends in Wake Forest whom I hadn’t seen in months! Successful friend weekend, for sure.

What did you do this weekend? 



I sure do like keeping my titles short and to the point, no?

Well this one is self-explanatory.

No, I don’t have anything too exciting to share other than the fact that I am exhausted. Simply, exhausted.

It has been such a busy week, I’ve been going & going nonstop, and it has all caught up to me (finally).

Since I start my days off at about 5:30 and end them around 11:00, lack of sleep, and overall exhaustion has set in big time today.

Monday = work, Bible study… not home until 9:00.

Tuesday = work, volunteering, grocery store… not home until 8:30

Wednesday = work, language partner meet-up, errands… not home until 8:00

Thursday = work, volunteering, grocery store… not home until 8:15

       …and then each night I’ve needed to respond to emails, plan lessons, and check facebook :p Very time consuming activities!

This whole busy schedule has really taken a toll on me. My eating has been off this week (something that NEVER happens), I’ve been tired mid-morning, and even my workouts were lackluster. My poor feet are tired from all the miles I’ve walked (literally) at work. My eyes are tired from being open for 17+ hours a day. My face is sore from smiling (yes, it’s possible). And my fingers are sore from texting/typing all week.

Tonight after volunteering, I went to Whole Foods (another post for another day) and on my way home, I knew I was too tired to cook anything for dinner, so I broke down and stopped at Cook Out. There’s just something comforting about their fries with spicy seasoning that I can’t explain. I hardly eat fast food anymore… I’m just weird like that… but even after eating  the dozen fries that constitute a “small fry” (and enjoying every bite) I’m still hungry and unsatisfied. I want veggies. But, because of my exhaustion, I am already in my pajamas in my bed taking advantage of Netflix. Ok, that sounded sketchy, but basically I’m being lazy. And it feels great. I plan on falling asleep very soon and I’m not ashamed of that one bit.

There used to be days when I was embarrassed to say that my bedtime was before 10pm, but now… nah… I don’t care.

I’m exhausted.

It has been one crazy day/week.

Every morning this week I’ve dreaded my array of alarm clocks going off. And tomorrow??? I don’t have one 🙂

Are you exhausted??? 



Saturday was one of those days where I just wanted to be out driving. So, when my family left the house to go watch more homeschool basketball, I decided it was the prime time for a drive.

One thing I miss about school is all the driving I constantly did. The drive to school was 4 hours. The drive home was 4 hours. Drive to Walmart, 20 minutes. Drive to get cheapest gas, 15 minutes. Drive to married friend K’s house, 22 minutes. Drive to Panera/Moe’s/Target, 27 minutes. Drive to get froyo/Japanese/Chickfila, 29 minutes. Drive to the nearest rock formation with graffiti, 37 minutes. Yes I like to time things…don’t judge. 

I miss all the driving I did!!!!! (although I don’t miss all the gas money I had to spend!)

Anyways, back to Durham. There aren’t a ton of places to drive to. Sure, there’s the fast food places up the road, there are stores a few miles away that I frequent, work is a jump skip and hop away from home, and the mall is about a 20 minute drive. I never need to do much driving to get where I want to go.

Sorry for the drawn-out intro to my actual post: Craftsy

Saturday as I ventured out for a drive, destination unknown, my little car pulled into the Moe’s parking lot. Billy Barou Nachos??? I think yes. Piled high with all sorts of unhealthy food? Sí señor.

After ensuring that my nachos were out of arms length so as not to distract my driving, I pulled out of the parking lot… and somehow managed to pull into the AC Moore’s parking lot! 🙂

I think it’s safe to say that any girl loves a craft store.

I walked the aisles, checking out bargains, and picking up so much that I could barely keep my purse on my shoulder and my items from falling out of my arms, I went to the cash register and paid the whopping $15 for 7 white canvasses, some sun catchers, a few acrylic paints, a word search book, and gift bags (3 for $1!–Remember I’m a sucker for paper goods of any sort!!!)

Once in my car, I decided that although my wallet needed a break for the night, my car didn’t. Instead of heading towards home, I headed an opposite direction and took the long way home. Music up loud and window cracked, of course. I love driving and watching people as I drive and watching people watch me while I drive. It’s very funny, actually.

Now, I’m sure EVERYONE has seen a picture or two or three floating around the internet world of the infamous “melting crayon canvas.” Oh, you haven’t? Well what rock have you been living under the past 6 months?

Kidding, of course. But, this is a craft I’ve been wanting to try. I set up a playlist on my iTunes (that consisted of 4 songs I’ve recently fallen in extreme love with) and spread old Duke newspapers on the bathroom floor. From there, I got to unwrapping the 48 crayons purchased for $1 a year or so ago. Keep that in mind as you see the following pictures… these crayons were cheaply made and therefore resulted in some melted messiness. I am pleased with how it turned out (after 35 minutes straight of melting the crayons with my hair dryer) and it’s already hanging up in my room.

Random array of crayons

The array was random but I really like the navy, coral, gray, teal, white, pink in order 🙂

slowly undergoing the melting process...

My messy creation

What crafts have you done lately???

Freshman Year Flashback


Winter has official hit the Raleigh//Durham area.

An icy cold rain started this morning and kept up pretty much all day. It was one of those cold rains that freezes you to the core and numbs your hands. One of those cold rains that holds the promise of snow.

And snow, it did. This February 19.

After the temperature finally got low enough, the sleet started coming down. Then, hours later it turned to snow.

I have never been blessed to live in a part of the country where it snows multiple times a year, month, week, or day. Down here in the South, we’re lucky if we even see snow once a year.

Needless to say, when I found out that snow was in the forecast tonight, I was beyond ecstatic. I mean, what 21-year old doesn’t like to go out and play in the snow?! Oh… I’m the only one??? ….

The short-lived snow tonight reminded me of freshman year of college when it snowed on March 1st. Of course, in upstate South Carolina, none of us expected it to snow that late in the season. So, were we prepared? Nope. But we managed with what we had. READ: We went to my local friends’ house and camped out for the three days school was cancelled. BEST SNOW DAYS EVER! It was so much fun.

Reminiscing on those sweet snow-filled memories of freshman year tonight brought many a smile to my face, and a little bit of sadness to my heart. I hardly ever talk to these two girls anymore. One is overseas teaching, and the other is engaged and working full-time in her hometown. Getting older and moving on is hard. But thank goodness for facebook and the pictures that survive, even if friendships don’t!

Thrilled to be off-campus and have SNOW!

It took all the strength we could muster to get the bottom of the snowman rolled up!

The finished product, day #2

L, A & me

Homeschool Dance Off


I spent my Friday night with a bunch of homeschoolers  and my parents.

You should be jealous.

In all honesty though, I am not complaining about my Friday night.

Sure… it was boring at times. Sure… my rear end is sore from sitting on gym bleachers for hours. Sure… I just ate dinner an hour ago (9:30) because we watched basketball until 8:45. Sure… I got to listen to some great music because I drove my car to and from. Sure… we had to drive my car 45 minutes to the gym, therefore burning gas that I just filled it up with today. Sure… middle school girls and guys can be very obnoxious. And hilarious. 

And I am sure that the homeschoolers from tonight are an entirely different breed of humans. I mean that in the nicest way possible of course, because I was a homeschooler. Never would have guessed, would ya? But yes, I joined the ranks of the finest homeschoolers in the area for my junior year of high school. One year, yes. I honestly wish I had been homeschooled longer but alas, it was not in the cards for me.

I know there’s the stereotypical view on homeschoolers. I won’t even describe them because I’m sure you can picture them looking something like this:

the Duggars

But the homeschoolers tonight didn’t exactly fit that stereotype. They were just special. And after spending hours in a gym with them I can say that on good authority.

From the littlest ones to the oldest ones, the word “HOMESCHOOLED” was written all over! Like I said before, in the nicest way possible. They are really well-behaved children… for the most part.

During halftime however, a whole other side came out.

From a safe distance I witnessed a “dance off” between two middle school boys. One being of a darker skin color than the other pasty pale boy.

Dark skinned boy had some moves. Clearly he inherited some Michael Jackson genes. But Casper? Yeah, he failed the dance off. Failed as in had no moves. No skills. And he laughed at himself because he realized he couldn’t compete with MJ. Some dub-stepping was attempted though and almost was a success. Until he tripped. And then when Casper pulled his warmup jersey off he did receive a roaring applause from the other middle school boys watching the whole shebang.

As embarrassed as I felt for Casper, I really just couldn’t help but crack up laughing myself.

It was hilarious. And they were clueless that a pretty single young woman was watching them make fools of themselves. Yes, that was me watching. I was so tempted to snap a few pictures discreetly with my phone but I refrained from creeper-status therefore I have no evidence to show you that I did witness a homeschool dance off.

Such things do exist and after tonight I can probably predict the winner of the next homeschool dance off. So if there ever is an official homeschool dance off, feel free to invite me as a guest judge. I won’t be the Simon or the Paula, or even the Randy. But I will choose the best dancer.

Props to you, MJ, for winning the homeschool dance off tonight. Your prize? A day off from schoolwork. And a prize from the treasure jar.

Because all homeschool families have one of those.

Remember? I would know 😉

Nerd 101



Is it seriously only Wednesday??? I’ve only worked two days this week but already it feels as though it should be Saturday! Goodness…  Other than being sick on Monday, my week has been swell so far. Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road of life this week, but I’m not complaining!


So yesterday was the hallmark lovey-dovey holiday: Valentine’s Day

My V-day in the past has never ever been super special. The year I had a boyfriend he didn’t even woo me or buy me flowers. Talk about a bummer. But, I have treated myself well on V-day every year. I usually buy lots of dark chocolate and watch an old movie.

For all of my fellow old movie lovers, the choosing of a romantic classic is difficult… very difficult, would you not agree??? There are so many great ones to choose from! If you had to narrow it down, which ones would you choose?

I kept it simple and classy with Casablanca. It’s tradition to watch on V-day! And I love my little tradition.

Last night after teaching literacy, I treated myself to dinner, a hot bath, and then my movie and chocolate. Perfect ending to a long day! Today I was asked if I had a “hot date” last night and my answer was, “yep!” No details were disclosed so I kept them curious 😉

I tend to do that… keep people curious about me and my life. What can I say though? I like being mysterious. And I feel like it’s a quality in general that keeps people interested. I don’t know.

Anyways, I wanted to post a quick update. Because it’s nearing 9:30pm and that’s close to my bedtime. Seriously. I am such an old person!  Instead of saying that though, I’ll just say I need my beauty sleep! That’s more mysterious… no? 😉



Small Group


So tonight was my first night in a small group! I haven’t been in a small group Bible study (minus Sunday School) since middle school… and even then this is going to be different, I just know it.

I would tell you everything we did, talked about, and ate BUT one of the rules of the group is that “what happens in small group stays in small group.” Whether that means not sharing another’s struggles, agreeing to pray for something specific for someone, or anything else, we are a “family” of sorts and we keep each other’s secrets. Well, that’s the whole idea at least.

To me, small group is going to mean more than an extra time of Bible study each week; I’m looking forward to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ whom I wouldn’t normally get to know outside of church. I’m looking for a close-knit group that bonds over Scripture, prayer, and fellowship. I’m looking for friendship and a welcoming environment.

And I’m hoping that our small group will turn out to be just like that.

It’s open to anyone and I can’t wait to see how it grows and how the dimensions of the group may change over the course of the study. I’m attempting to get more friends involved so hopefully they can come! 🙂

I have so many friends who have been a part of a small group and they have loved every second of it. I’ve always wanted to have a group to call family like that, but the opportunity never arose. God definitely has everything in His perfect timing. I’m really excited to see how this group is going to stretch and change me as an individual, and how I can impact the group!

Are you part of a small group with your church, school, or job??? If so, what do you love most about it?