Pump Station Trail


I debated for a while (3 days) over what to post tonight. I’ll let you take a gander as to tomorrow’s post! 😉 So many options, I know!

Friday morning I was dying to go hiking. It was my one day off from work last week, my brother was awake before noon, and I wanted to be outside enjoying the crispy winter air. We haven’t had much crisp winter air so I wanted to enjoy it while I could!

I’m blessed to live in a location in Durham that is so close to the Eno River! Granted, there are different parts to the Eno and various trails you can take, but the river is literally running behind our back fence. Cool, huh?!

Anyways, bro wanted to show me a trail that he and his friends hiked this past summer a few times a week. It was a mere 1.5 mile loop and although it wasn’t a challenge at all, the view and remains of an old pump station were worth it. Of course I took my camera (unbeknownst to me the battery was dying quickly!) and snapped lots of pictures. Most of them were of bricks. I can’t help it… I am drawn to weird things! :p

Enjoy the views of the old Pump Station at the Eno! (and the awkward ones of my brother and I!)


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