The Birthday Boy


It took hours for me to flesh this post out because I didn’t know how to approach it.

Should I show silly pictures of my brother and I over the years?

Should I talk about all the forts we built in the back yard and all the Indian attacks we fought in?

Should I explain the excitement I had over having a little brother back in the day?

Should I write about how much fun we had playing POGS, Power Rangers, and Playstation 2 games?

Should I inform you of all the late nights we spent having airsoft wars or games of cops & robbers?

Should I write about how he is obsessed with fast food and he and I argue over dinner locations all the time?

Should I let you know how sweet my brother can be sometimes?

Should I write about how awkward it is when people mistake us for a couple instead of brother & sister?

Should I write about all the adventures I have had because of having a brother around?

Or should I write about how frustrating having a younger brother can be?

Well, I decided to keep it simple.

Happy 17th Birthday, Adam.


Love, your big sister.


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